Considering tomorrow

to anticipate and shape

today’s church.

The Futuring Hub is a research initiative that supports Acadia Divinity College to partner with and equip local churches and denominations to imagine new possible futures.


The Futuring Compass is a collaborative platform which supports Christian leaders to explore trends and emerging considerations.

This database offers understanding of social, technological, ecclesial, educational, and cultural trends relevant to the church.

The content within the Compass is intended to empower local churches, Christian leaders, and denominations to understand our current cultural context while also supporting Christian leaders and communities to imagine new futures for ministry and mission.


Is there a trend, pattern, or change that may be impacting the current or future church?

Share it with us! We value input from our community.

Learn more about contributing a future insight.


Horizon Resources highlights concepts, ideas, and research findings all pertaining to possible futures of the church.

The Futuring Hub strives to provide thoughtful and useful insights to equip Christian leaders to prayerfully and intentionally consider what the future could look like in their local context.

Leaders are encouraged to engage, critique, and contextualize these resources. 

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